Holiday Menu

Dinner Roll Knots

A dozen hand tied dinner roll knots available in the following flavors:

Honey White


Wild Rice


Seven Grain


Whole Wheat


Herb & Garlic with Parmesan


Holiday Breads


a horseshoe shaped bread with almond filling…$8.35

Cardamom Braid

a braided bread with an almond twist…$6.15

Yule Kage

a boule shaped bread with cardamom and candied fruit…$8.35

Swedish Lympa

a boule shaped bread with orange and anise flavor…$5.75

Fruit Cake

with fruit and nuts…$8.35

English Wreath Bread

a wreath shaped sweet bread swirled with raspberry jam then frosted…$8.35

Cranberry Orange Braid

a braided bread with walnuts, craisins, and orange zest…$6.75

Maple Butter Ring

a delicious ring filled with walnuts and maple syrup…$9.50

Handmade Cookies

Holiday Cookies

A box of 12 assorted handmade cookies…$12.50

Sugar Cookie cut outs

box of 12 small, sugared…$12.50
box of 24 mini, sugared…$10.50
box of 18 small, fancy frosted…$26.25
large, hand decorated…$2.40


box of 24…$14.25

Assorted Mini Bars

a box of 36 assorted mini holiday bars…$37.50


a box of 6…$5.85

Candy Cane Coffeecake

a flaky pastry filled with pecans, craisins, dried blueberries, and raisins…$9.50

Tea Breads

Pumpkin, Banana, Cranberry Walnut, Almond Poppyseed, or Gingerbread.
$8.95 regular loaf


Pumpkin Pie

made with fresh roasted pumpkins…$16.50

Rosy Apple Pie

apples with brown sugar and cranberries…$16.50

Traditional Apple Pie


Apple Ginger Pie


Pumple Pie

a layer of apple pie topped with a layer of pumpkin pie, the best of both worlds in one!…$16.50

Pecan Pie


Caramel Pecan Pie


Cherry Pie


Mixed Berry Pie


Banana Cream Turtle Pie

a layer of chocolate then a layer of caramel topped with fresh bananas and homemade custard finished with fresh whipped cream and pecans…$16.50

Lemon Blueberry Ginger


Other pies available, just ask!


English Lemon Tart


Sour Cream Apple Pecan Tart


Almond Raspberry Tart


Turtle Tart


Fall Fruit Tart


Other tarts are available, just ask!


Holly Cake

A 3 layer white cake, with chocolate ganache filling and white buttercream, decorated with holly leaves and berries.

Bouche de Noel

A dark chocolate sponge cake rolled with fresh cream and iced with dark chocolate ganache decorated to look like a Yule log…$31.50

Snowflake Cake

A 2 layer chocolate cake with mint chocolate ganache filling and cream cheese filling, decorated with snowflakes…$31.50

See our cake menu for other cakes available.

Petite Desserts

Mini Tarts

A bite sized tart filled with lemon, chocolate, raspberry or strawberry mousse…$3.49

Small Profiteroles

A fresh whipped cream filled mini chouz pastry topped with dark chocolate ganache…$2.89

Small Eclairs

A handmade, from scratch, custard filled mini choux pastry topped with dark chocolate ganache…$2.89

Assorted Dessert Box

6 small eclairs, 6 small profiteroles, 6 mini tarts…$51.95


Single Pie Crust

Enough frozen pie dough for you to roll out a 9″ single crust…$2.60

Unfrosted sugar cookies

6 large cut out sugar cookies ready for you to frost with your own frosting and toppings!…$7.95

Cream Puff Shells

12 unfilled shells for you to fill with your own creation!…$9.45

Orders are fast and easy! Call or stop in to place your order. All Holiday orders must be placed by December 22. Our Holiday hours will be December 24 6am – 1pm. We will be closed December 25 – January 3. Menu and pricing subject to change without notice.