Office Menu

Specialty Boxes

The Breakfast Box

contains cinnamon rolls, caramel rolls, muffins, donuts, cinnamon walnut twists, and fruit baguettes.
3 of each item… $31.75
6 of each item… $61.90

Box of Favorites

contains muffins, scones, donuts, cinnamon rolls, and kolachies.
3 of each item… $26.95
6 of each item… $52.00

Scone Selection

an assortment of three scone flavors of our choice.
6 of each… $30.00

The Donut Box

an assortment of glazed French cruellers, sour cream old fashioned, and chocolate covered, plan or cinnamon sugar cake donuts to satisfy everyone.
24 total… $21.75
36 total… $32.25


Please call and order 48 hours in advance

Coffee to Go

3 liters of coffee (serves 8)… $19.95

Medium Carafe

9 liters of coffee (serves 30)… $49.95

Large Carafe

15 liters of coffee (serves 50)… $74.95

Includes creamers, sugars and cups. Deposit is required on carafes.

Pans and Petite


in our standard favorites of raspberry, blueberry, or apple, or seasonal fruit with almond streusel.
8×8 (serves 6-8)… $7.30
1/4 sheet pan (serves 12-16)… $14.75
1/2 sheet pan (serves 24-32)… $29.25

Petite Cinnamon Rolls

12 per 1/4 sheet pan… $15.75
24 per 1/2 sheet pan… $30.50

Petite Caramel Rolls

12 per 1/4 sheet pan… $19.95
24 per 1/2 sheet pan… $38.95

Petite Cookies

Must order flavors by the dozen. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, molasses, oatmeal raisin, monster, or M&M.
12 for… $9.00

Petite Muffins

ask for available flavors. Must order each flavor by the dozen.
12 for… $19.95

Petite Scones

ask for available flavors. Must order each flavor by the dozen.
12 for… $15.75


For pans of bars, please see our Dessert Menu for selection and pricing.

Hot Drinks

Espresso…$1.95(12oz), $2.19(16oz), $2.40(20oz)
Latte/Cappucino…$3.15(12oz), $3.60(16oz), $4.09(20oz)
Flavored Latte…$3.75(12oz), $4.20(16oz), $4.69(20oz)
Mocha…$3.75(12oz), $4.20(16oz), $4.69(20oz)
Americano…$2.39(12oz), $2.69(16oz), $3.09(20oz)
Depth Charge…$2.70(12oz), $2.99(16oz), $3.25(20oz)
au lait…$2.29(12oz), $2.59(16oz), $2.99(20oz)
Breve…$3.85(12oz), $4.35(16oz), $4.85(20oz)
Turtle…$4.00(12oz), $4.50(16oz), $4.99(20oz)
Chai Tea…$3.65(12oz), $4.09(16oz), $4.55(20oz)
Hot Chocolate…$3.05(12oz), $3.65(16oz), $4.20(20oz)
Steamer…$2.49(12oz), $3.05(16oz), $3.55(20oz)
Loose Leaf Tea…$1.68(12oz), $1.91(16oz), $2.19(20oz)

Cold Drinks

Iced espresso…$2.55(16oz), $3.05(20oz)
Iced latte…$3.75(16oz), $4.55(20oz)
Flavored Iced latte…$4.35(16oz), $5.15(20oz)
Iced coffee…$3.15(16oz), $3.75(20oz)
Frappe…$4.35(16oz), $5.15(20oz)
Smoothies…$4.35(16oz), $5.15(20oz)
Iced Tea…$2.19(16oz), $2.69(20oz)

Flavorings available: Caramel, chocolate, almond, hazelnut, vanilla, peppermint, raspberry, Irish Cream, or a seasonal favorite. Most flavors are also available in sugar free.



cashew chicken salad, chicken with brie and craisins, chicken salad or cranberry pecan chicken salad… $5.20 each


ham and swiss, turkey provolone, or vegetable swiss… $5.20 each


Chips… $1.85

Meal Deal

Purchase Sandwich, Chips, Cookie and a Beverage (juice, pop, water or drip coffee)… $9.50

For fast and speedy service, please call 48 hours ahead and we can have your order ready for you to pickup. Menu and pricing subject to change without notice.